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My Favorite Summer Accessories

Hello Sunshines!

Summer is here and I wanted to share some of my favorite accessories for the season!

Belt Bag

I am loving this new trend because especially with traveling or busy summer days it's hard or inconvenient to carry a purse around. This accessory is cute but also handy. I bought my belt bag from TJMAXX and the designer is Steve Madden.

Shell Jewelry

My inner 90's child is thrilled shells are back and better than ever! I have earrings, necklaces, and an anklet from DaniRae&Co. They are currently my favorite jewelry piece to add with anyone outfit!


Belt Chain

Another trend I am loving is the belt chain. Again, this is another trend from "back in the day", but they're becoming more popular. I prefer to pair these with shorts or a skirt. It creates a fun outfit. You don't have to be attending a festival or concert to rock one! I bought this belt chain from Amazon!

Fila Shoes

I think this trend is a hit or miss for some people. But I have to say my Fila shoes are so COMFORTABLE. I can wear them all day long and my feet don't have blisters. Plus they are cuter to pair with an outfit than regular tennis shoes.

Hats & Hair Scarves

This is nothing new for me or my followers LOL I love hats and hair scarves. I think they compliment hair and outfits wonderfully so I will be rocking them all summer long! Check out my hair highlight on my Instagram to see where I get some of my hair accessories from!

Fun Facts & Tips

I feel the need to accessorize every outfit *whoops*

You don't need to spend a fortune to accessorize

What's your favorite accessory?? Hats are my go to

If you have any questions DM me!

XOXO, Britt

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