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Spring Arrivals At Dani-Rae Co.

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Hello Sunshines!

SPRING is here....well at least in Middle Georgia! One of my favorite places to shop is the local Dani-Rae & Co Boutique. The two owners of this store began making jewelry and selling it online, and some years later they have their own store filled with not only hand made jewelry but other accessories, clothes, shoes, purses, etc. I was able to run by and try on some of the store's new SPRING arrivals!

First , let's check out some jumpsuits! Now these three are only a few from their collection, but how cute are these! The perfect quick and stylish go-to is a jumpsuit. You can dress up a jumpsuit for a wedding....throw on some heels and hooped earrings or... put your hair in a messy bun with some sandals for a lunch date with your friends. These jumpsuits are comfy, unique, and a must for your spring wardrobe!

Next, I paired this light, colorful sweater with these adorable frayed denim shorts. I love the light sweater/short look. It's playful and trendy. I have a bodysuit under the sweater because it's slightly see through. Bodysuit or bralette will easily go with the sweater. I paired this outfit with one of Dani-Rae's belts and some platform sneakers.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love for flares! Dani-Rae has several pairs of these trendy pants with different styles and colors. These flares were high waisted and stretchy. My white top is a full body suit, which Dani-Rae has plenty of colors and styles, and I have a belt and clog heels paired. Flares are very flattering on any body type, and I'm in full support of this 70's trend. For the second look, I threw on a flowy crop top! So cute!

Next, I grabbed another pair of flare jeans, but these aren't high waisted. They are a bit more relaxed but still stretchy! My top is an open back sweater. It's a pretty mint green, and it's so SOFT. Perfect for a casual date night or relaxing on a beach trip. I still have the white bodysuit underneath!

Dani-Rae has a great selection of skirts! And I was able to steal this new arrival for my try on haul! This red button up skirt is too perfect for the spring and summer...….and those hot fall days watching the Dawgs play ;) It's extremely comfortable and flattering. I paired the skirt with a white linen top!

I just love o2 denim. This denim fits so well, and Dani-Rae has several different options of o2 denim! These jeans go perfect with a flirty tube top and sandals. I would 100% rock this look in an airport or grabbing drinks with my girl friends.

My last look includes the o2 denim skinny jeans, clog heels, tan belt, white bodysuit and this new floral kimono and straw hat. This outfit just screams SPRING. The kimono has a tie up front as well so you can style it in multiple ways!

Fun Facts and Tips

Follow Dani-Rae on Instagram and Facebook

You can shop these looks in store or online

I'm 5'9 and typically a size 7/29/M in pants and M/L in shirts

This store is located in Macon, Ga at the Ingleside Village

They offer a reward program so the more you shop the more you save

Check my InstaStory/Fashion Highlights for more

Tell them Britt sent ya ;)

XOXO, Britt

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