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To the COVID19 Brides

Hello Sunshines!

This blog is for my COVID 19 Brides. Being a newlywed, the excitement of wedding planning and preparing for my wedding events is still fresh on my mind. Firstly, I want to say to any COVID brides/couples/loved ones is I am sorry. I am tremendously sorry you are having to go through this time of uncertainty and disappointment. I can only imagine being in your shoes, and you have every reason to be upset, overwhelmed and frustrated . No matter the wedding size or bachelorette destination, cancelations or rescheduling of these significant events is devastating.

Due to social media, I’ve been able to build a strong relationship in the wedding community, and I have several friendships with future brides to be. My future sister in law is currently planning her and my brother’s wedding as well. I’ve heard the frustrations from several brides, and I think to myself “I feel really blessed I was able to have all of my wedding plans happen as scheduled.” Some beautiful women I’ve connected with on social media have reached out to me to talk about their worries on their wedding planning, and sometimes all you need is a person to listen and understand. With that being said, you are not alone and here are my tips on staying calm during this confusing time.

Have Clear Communication with Your Vendors

If you feel your wedding is in jeopardy of cancellation, you need to be communicating with every vendor whether big or small. I know there is the fear of if you do postpone then your vendor may not be available for your rescheduled date. Remember vendors are unemployed at the moment and their future business is uncertain like your wedding plans. Having backup plans are important, so go ahead and begin making them.

Head to The Wedding Pic

If you head over to the Instagram (highlights) or Tiktok of The Wedding Pic, the CEO of the magazine has been giving advice on addressing your wedding planning during this time. Yasmeen is very skilled and knowledgeable in the wedding industry, and she is giving her top suggestions and tips on navigating during this time.

Don’t Stop Planning

It may be hard to proceed with some wedding planning during this time, but you need to continue planning! Back to my previous statement, you may have to make backup plans, and that’s okay! You may not be able to put down deposits on vendors, but you can still research and reach out to wedding vendors.

Think Positive

I know…. this is easier said than done. My counseling hat is coming out in this one. When you learn to change your thoughts, you have control over your feelings and behaviors. These are all connected in a triangle! Try your very best to switch an unhelpful, negative thought to a helpful, positive thought. If you need help doing that, DM me!

Fun Facts:

One of my strongest personality traits, which led me into the therapy world, is listening and empathizing. Please don’t hesitate to message me if you want to talk or need advice/second opinion!

A lot of brides are still getting married and seeing it as an opportunity to celebrate twice! Small ceremony for your original date then big party down the road.

Love is not canceled :)

XOXO, Britt

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1 Comment

Chennai Convention Centre
Chennai Convention Centre
Jun 26, 2020

"Small ceremony for your original date then big party down the road. Love is not canceled" totally loved these words. Thankful to the few wedding venues such as that have given support in replanning and rescheduling in these trying days. The amenities they have are flexible to accommodate small families or extended families get together at the function.

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