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A Bachelorette Guide to West Palm Beach

Hello Sunshines!

I planned my best friend’s bachelorette in West Palm Beach, and I wanted to share a guide for any others planning a fun trip her. My best friend wanted her bachelorette location and itinerary to be a complete surprise, so I got to work on researching and ultimately chose WPB! One of the reasons I chose the Palm Beach area was it isn’t a huge destination for bachelorettes, so the city isn’t overly crowded, but don't worry they have plenty of amazing activities and restaurants for the ultimate bachelorette/girls weekend.

Where to Stay

AirBnb – here is the link to ours, but there were plenty of affordable houses on AirBnb – ours was about 10 minutes from everything, which made getting around very convenient.

The Ben Hotel

The Colony Hotel

The Hilton West Palm Beach

The Colony

Where to Eat

West Palm Beach and Palm Beach have some of the best food and aesthetic restaurants I’ve seen here in the states. You have plenty of options for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Hive – coffee, breakfast, lunch

Restoration Hardware Rooftop – breakfast, lunch, dinner

Proper Grit – lunch, dinner

Swiftys (at the Colony hotel) – breakfast, lunch, dinner

Bice – lunch, dinner

Elisabettas Ristorante – lunch, dinner

Loic Bakery – coffee, breakfast, lunch

Pura Vida – coffee, breakfast, lunch

Le Bilboquet – lunch, dinner

Grato – Sunday brunch, dinner

Avocado Grill – lunch, dinner

Pistache French Bistro – lunch, dinner

Sant Ambroeus – lunch, dinner

The Salty Donut – coffee, dessert

Common Grounds – coffee

Composition Coffee - coffee

(Left to Right : Bice, Pura Vida, Swifty's, The Hive, RH Rooftop, RH Rooftop, Elisabetta's, Proper Grit, Spruzzo, Common Grounds, The Hive, Saint Ambroeus, Proper Grit, Loic Cafe, The Hilton)

Cookies by Common Co Goods

What to Do

Cruisin Tiki Cruise – This was probably our favorite activity of the weekend! You can book a 2 or 3 hour boat cruise, and the cruise includes stopping at Peanut Island. The boat holds up to six people, and you bring your own food and alcohol. There are several other boat cruises you can look into, but this one by far stuck out to me and I’m very glad we booked this activity!

Pool Day – We booked a cabana at the Hilton West Palm Beach through Resort Pass. Our pass included a cabana up to six people, television, water, and a server. We ordered food and drinks from the pool bar, and on Saturdays they have a DJ. This was a relaxing, but fun pool day because the grounds were gorgeous, and we didn’t feel overwhelmed by a “party” scene.

Beach Day - Palm Beach has gorgeous beaches, so you can enjoy a beach day set up by yourself. You can find public beach access in several places, but near Worth Ave is the most gorgeous!

Picnic – I’ve enjoyed two set ups by The Pretty Picnic, and they both were cute and yummy. They can set up a beach or residence. I chose for us to have a picnic at our AirBnb so we could enjoy a more relaxed meal before heading out for the night.

Go Out and Dance – We did check out some of the night life in WPB. The street of Clematis seems to be the main area with several bars/clubs so if you go to that area, you shouldn’t have any problems with finding a place to dance and rink. Here are a few suggestions : Myers Lounge, The Loft, Camelot, Spruzzo, 123 Datura.

Shop – WPB and Palm Beach have great shopping! In WPB, you have the Square that includes H&M, Lululemon, Starbucks, and more. This is such a cute area to walk around. In Palm Beach, you have the Royal Poinciana Plaza and the famous Worth Ave that include designer stores. Even if you don’t buy anything from these shopping areas, they’re gorgeous for the perfect palm photos!

Fun Facts & Tips

I made reservations for everything – again it’s always better safe than sorry

WPB has wonderful airport so if you need to fly to this destination you're in luck

Head to my IG for more content from WPB

If you use my blog to book anything, please let the business know you heard about them through me! I am not gaining any sort of commission, but sometimes these businesses will give a discount!

Here was our itinerary for the trip!

XOXO, Britt

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