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Funday In Atlanta

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Hello Sunshines!

Anton and I decided to check out "CandyTopia" located in Atlanta, and we made a day out of it! First, we stopped for brunch. Yes call me basic all you want, but I love breakfast food, lattes, and quiet corner cafes. We both love trying new spots, and I've become an expert at researching and finding the best food and attractions in any where. I found a place called Full Commission located in the middle of ATL.

I ordered the egg muffin with fruit and a caramel latte while Anton ordered the sandwich of the day with fruit and beer. The food was scrumptious! Probably the best egg muffin I've ever eaten, and Anton enjoyed his meal as well. The fruit was extremely fresh and sweet, and the latte was hot and yummy. Full Commission has big windows, a bar, and an outside patio. Definitely, a must try if you are in the Atlanta area.

Next stop....CandyTopia! This is located near Lenox Mall. We entered not entirely sure what to expect, but what we found was sweet and fun! CandyTopia is a candy museum filled with candy made sculptures, fun photo ops, and several activities. There are about 7 different rooms in this museum with different themes, and each room contains free candy you can take with you! The only rule is once you leave a room you cannot return. You can only move forward not backwards so take your time to enjoy each room! I think the marshmallow pit was our favorite. It reminded me of a ball pit, but I forgot how hard it was to move around in one LOL a candy store is located at the very end, where you can purchase some more sweet treats!

Before heading home, we decided to stop for a snack. We headed to Krog Street Market located close to Inman Park in ATL. This street market contains a variety of food from burgers, sweets, Asian, bbq, etc. We had some ice cream from Jeni's and it was DELICIOUS. So many fun, exciting things happening in ATL. Hope y'all can check the ones in this blog out one day because they will not disappoint!

XOXO, Britt

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