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Bachelorette Guide to Tampa/St Pete

Updated: May 29

Hello Sunshines!

If you’re looking for a fun place to have a bachelorette then look no further than Tampa and St Pete, Florida! I had my bachelorette here back in 2019, and I have had the pleasure helping plan and attend two more bachelorettes here in 2021! I've since then helped several other bachelorettes plan and decorate! Here are some recommendations if you’re planning a trip for a bride to be!

I planned and decorated my cousin's entire bachelorette!

Where To Stay

I suggest choosing a place located near downtown Tampa/south Tampa or downtown St Petersburg or St Pete Beach. Keep in mind if you choose a surrounding area it will be about 30 minutes to get to most places. Tampa and St Petersburg are around 30 minutes apart. It’s very doable to visit both during a weekend, but keep the driving distance in mind!

The Don Cesar

St Pete Vacation Homes

Kinsey Palms Airbnb

The Don Cesar (SP)

The Saint Hotel (SP)

Marriot Water Street (TPA)

JW Marriott (TPA)

The Vinoy (SP)

Cordova Inn (SP)

Post Card Inn (SP)

Epicurean (TPA)

Rome + Fig Global Bistro

Where to Eat

Tampa and St Petersburg have a HUGE selection of amazing food, but here are some great places I would recommend for specifically a Bachelorette!

Concrete Jungle - Brunch, Dinner (SP)

Luv Child – Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Oxford Exchange * - Brunch (TPA)

Flor Fina * - Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Wild Child * – Brunch, Dinner (SP)

Forbici * – Lunch, Dinner (TPA)

Meat Market * – Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Cassis – Brunch, Dinner (SP)

No Vacancy – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (SP)

The Left Bank Bistro – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (SP)

Society Table * - Brunch (SP)

American Social * – Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Haiku * – Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Willas – Brunch, Dinner, Coffee (TPA)

Rome + Fig Global Bistro * - Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Sal Y Mar * – Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

The Library – Brunch (SP)

Psomi * - Brunch, Lunch, Coffee (TPA)

King State – Brunch, Coffee (TPA & SP)

82 Degrees – Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (SP)

Anchor & Brine * - Brunch, Dinner (TPA)

Good Fortune - Dinner (SP)

Cane and Barrel - Dinner or Drinks (SP)

Boulon * - Brunch or Dinner (TPA)

Azure * - Lunch or Dinner (TPA)

Predalina - Brunch, Lunch, Dinner (TPA)

(* I would make reservations several weeks out)

(Left to right: Anchor & Brine, Left Bank Bistro, Flor Fina, Meat Market, Haiku, The Attic, Oxford Exchange, Willa's, The Library, Luv Child, King State, Salty Nun)

Where to Grab Drinks

Tampa and St Pete have some amazing happy hours, pre gaming, and places to go out! If you’re a coffee lover like me, you’ll have plenty of places to choose from as well! Head to my IG @dailycoffeewithbritt to see my coffee and brunch recommendations.

Mandarin Heights (TPA)

Cane and Barrel (SP)

Canopy at Birchwood (SP)

No Vacancy (SP)

Pier Teaki (SP)

Saigon Blonde (SP)

M. Bird (TPA)

Coconut Charlie’s (SP)

Cru Cellars (TPA)

Santos Drinkeria (TPA)

Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails (SP)

Six Tampa (TPA)

Sal Y Mar (TPA)

Edge Rooftop (TPA)

Parks & Rec (TPA & SP)

The Garden (SP)

Dirty Laundry (SP)

Good Fortune (SP)

(Left to right: Santos Drinkeria, Sal Y Mar, Edge Rooftop, M. Bird, Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails, Mandarin Heights, Coconut Charlie's, Six Tampa, and Cru Cellars)

What To Do

Beach Day – You have to check out St Pete Beach while in the area! You can bring your own chairs or rent beach equipment. I highly recommend the Cabana Club for a luxury beach set up. Your set up includes: chairs, umbrellas or cabanas, sunscreen, Bluetooth speaker, towels, tables, cooler with ice/water, trash can as well as other add ons like food and a flamingo float! The set up lasts 5 hours, but you are able to extend your set up and you get to pick the area you like the set up to be! You can add on Surfing Coconut AMI to your Cabana Club rental or purchase a coconut delivery for anywhere!

If you would like a more affordable beach set up, at both Paradise Grilles in St Pete there are rentals available for about $35 for the day. These only include chairs and umbrellas. You will pay at the location, and I don’t believe there is a website/link to reserve these ahead of time.

Or you can set up your own beach day! I recommend choosing to park/set up near either Paradise Grilles (great drink and beach food snack shack) in St Pete. Paradise Grill located in Pass a Grille is next to Hurricane’s, which is another great place for drinks/beach food. Paradise Grille located at Upham Beach is close to several beach bars. I would recommend this area the most! I typically park to the left of Paradise Grille and set up to the left area of the beach. Post Card Inn Beach Bar, Jimmy B’s, and my all time favorite Coconut Charlies is located right next to each other. This is a great area to grab lunch and drinks!

Coconut Charlie's Beach Bar
Coconut Charlie's

You can park up front at Coconut Charlie’s and other beach bars, but these beach bars are connected to hotels, which reserves majority of their parking for hotel guests. You can walk to the beach bars from the parking lots or find other close by parking.

Boat Excursion – There are several boat excursion companies in the area. Island Adventures, Staying Afloat, Eboats, Cruisin Tikis, Pirate Tikis, Salt n Mist Tours, Yacht Starship cruises, Kraken Cycle boats,and more!

Eboats in Tampa

Sadly, I booked a catamaran for my cousin’s bachelorette that did not work out. We originally had the JP Catamaran booked, but they canceled two weeks prior due to selling the boat. The owner stated he was in the process of building a new boat, and he would still be booking future tours! So you may be able to book them depending on the date! I've been on a tour through them and loved it!

Coastal Cruises in St Pete - They offer several different types of boat cruises for great prices!

Bach Boats - A new boat company that offers several different party boats! One including a boat with a slide.

I booked the Kai Lani Catamaran after our first one canceled, and I was highly disappointed with my experience with them. They have a policy, just like any other boat tour service, needing a minimum number of passengers to have the tour. Other boat companies have always kept me updated on if the minimum was reached or not. Kai Lani sent me a confirmation two days before our tour, but emailed/called to cancel 15 minutes (45 minutes from departure) from us arriving. I asked how many spots were still needed because I would ask my husband and brother to join or just spilt the other spots between us girls. The customer service representative just said “It’s a lot” and wouldn’t give me a number. I told her this was for a bachelorette and this could not be rescheduled. She apologized for the inconvenience, but did not seem genuine in her response. I read several reviews afterwards, and this seems to be a reoccurring issue. I don’t think canceling 45 minutes before a tour is professional. It should be at least a day before to give people a chance to plan a backup.

JP Catamaran

Pool PartyWTR Pool and Grill is the ultimate pool party experience! You can reserve tables/cabanas/chairs before arriving, but also walk in and see if anything is available. I’ve been here several times and the service is always amazing. If you tell them prior, they can even decorate your area for an extra price. There is also the Seminole Hard Rock located about 15 minutes from downtown Tampa. They have weekly pool parties!

Chill Pool Day – Head to Resort Pass to search and book a day pass at a local pool! Lots of options in the area, but reserve as soon as you can because they go fast!

Picnic – Luxury picnics are a great way to enjoy the weather, good company, and great food. InstaPicnicCo is my go to for picnics, and they surpass my expectations every time! You get to customize your picnic exactly how you would like it.

Go Dancing – There are several great nightclubs to check out. The newest is Eden Downtown (TPA), and Ybor City (area of TPA) has several clubs all next to each other that are great for dancing. Downtown SP has several places as well, but my favorite 260 First is currently closed (unsure if they are reopening). Siagon Blonde, The Garden, Lost & Found and more are located in main block for bars/nightlife in St Pete. Dirty Laundry has become a huge favorite in St Pete - it's a laundromat speak easy and focuses a lot on the Latin community along with other genres! Here are some others to check out: Coyote Ugly, Club Prana, The Estate, and Egnima.

Karaoke - Who loves a good karaoke night? You can reserve private karaoke rooms at Good Fortune or LaLa - both located in Downtown St. Pete.

Get Pampered - Head to Blo | Blow Dry Bar to get hair and/or makeup services! You and your girls can fully get ready in their salon or see if they are able to come to you! They’re located downtown close to plenty of the bars and restaurants I’ve included above! Mention my blog to them!

Have a Photoshoot - If you're wanting to grab some photos to remember your trip, book a photoshoot with Gabi -

Fun Facts & Tips

If you have a car for the weekend, download the Park Mobile App. This will help you pay for parking on your phone instead of using a meter. There is free parking around, but most is paid parking. The parking is very affordable, and you can extend the parking through your app!

Clearwater is not included in this guide because it’s about 40 minutes from TPA and SP. Keep this in mind if you decide to book anything in Clearwater.

Follow @stufftodointampabay to stay up to date on weekly events & suggestions

You can contact me to help plan or decorate your bachelorette

I have decor and gifts linked in my LTK!

Make reservations for anything you can! Better safe than sorry!

XOXO, Britt

Cookies By Common Co Goods - Tampa Local Business

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PedalPub StPete
PedalPub StPete
Mar 30

Do a casual bar hopping tour in the mural arts district of St Pete - on the Pedal Pub!


Oct 04, 2023

Is there a party bus or transport service you would recommend? Trying to plan a night out traveling from STP to TPA for a Bach :) Your guide is great - thank youuuu!

Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine
Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

Hi! I haven’t used or worked with any so not sure!


Feb 08, 2023

Hey! We are booked at The Hollander Hotel. I didn't see it in your recs but looks nice and super fun. Are you familiar??

Meghan Fitzmaurice
Meghan Fitzmaurice
Jan 17
Replying to

The Hollander is awesome!! Great spot!!


Jenna Robley
Jenna Robley
Jan 31, 2023

Hi! Would you recommend The Cake Drip for their Saturday brunch? I haven't been able to contact them and I'm wondering if they are still in business🤔 This blog is great!! Added a lot of great places to our itinerary😍

Hello Sunshine
Hello Sunshine
Jan 31, 2023
Replying to

Hi! So Cake Drip is not a restaurant. You go there to make chocolate or cakes!


Kristen Seefeldt
Kristen Seefeldt
Nov 29, 2022

I would love for your help with decorating for a bachelorette in st pete in April!

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