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My Summers in Sweden

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Stockholm, Sweden (Anton's apartment building is the very last building on the left!)

Hello Sunshines!

I get to visit Anton and his family in Sweden every summer, and this trip is always one of the highlights of my year. The trip is a total of about 12 hours including flights and layovers. Sweden was my first country overseas to visit, and I was so excited to see Anton's home! Funny story....the first time I went to Sweden, Anton thought I was in a different terminal (Stockholm has like 7 different terminals that are separate from each other). I was kicked off the airport's wifi and I hadn't figured out how to use my phone over there. I had to ask someone if I could use their phone to call Anton LOL Shortly, I was greeted by Anton with flowers in hand.


Anton's apartment is located in downtown Stockholm. His apartment is prime location for Stockholm, which makes it even easier to explore the city. We can bike, walk, or just hop in a taxi. There are several amazing restaurants located by his apartment and the cutest Italian restaurant at the bottom of his apartment building! At first, I was anxious about eating overseas since I had never been in Europe before but....I crave Swedish food so much now!

Max is Sweden's hamburger fast food chain. DELICIOUS. It's a must try when in Sweden.

Swedish favorite Swedish food!

KEBAB PIZZA - You will thank me later

I love love Swedish breakfast. I tell Anton maybe once a week I want some Swedish breakfast. Their bread and cheese is just the yummiest.

There's so much to see in Stockholm! Anton has taken me to parks, rooftop bars, gardens, boat rides, amusement parks and more! For my first birthday with Anton, he gave me a private helicopter tour of Stockholm. It was amazing! Here are some pictures from our days in downtown Stockholm.

One of my favorite parts of Stockholm is Gamla Stan also known as Old Town. This is probably the most touristy area of Stockholm. I think Anton cringes every time I want to go there but I only get to see this place once a year! I love it. Ice cream shops. Fika shops. Restaurants. Cute alleys.

Ahus/Summer House

After spending a few days in Stockholm, we typically drive down to Anton's family summer house. It's about a five hour drive and we make pit stops along the way. I love his family's summer house. It reminds me of my family's lake house. Anton has close knit family, and his dad has built their summer house into a beautiful get away. Anton's dad has combined two traditional summer houses into one big custom home, added a deck with a jacuzzi, and he has added several smaller houses for each couple and their family. So Anton and I now have our own little cabin :) We can walk or bike to the beach, eat the most famous ice cream in Sweden, Anton's dad grills out, we enjoy dinner sitting at a big table, and close the night out in the jacuzzi. I'm so thankful I'm marrying into a family where quality time and FOOD is a priority.

Anton has beautiful nieces and nephews. Stella might steal the show....she is the baby at the moment (not too much longer since Hanna is due in June!) but I love this girl's spunk and sassiness. Love is probably the kindest child I have ever met in my life. Hilda can't speak much English, and we all know my Swedish is very minimal, but she grabs my hand, sits in my lap, and gives me the sweetest hugs. Svea is so smart and athletic. She isn't afraid to try her English out with me. Klara and Alva are Anton's oldest nieces, and they're the epitome of gorgeous Swedish girls! Abbe....well Abbe is sort of scared of me. He hasn't quite understood the concept of me not being Swedish or speaking Swedish BUT this last summer he sat by me and hooked his arm around me! So making progress lol


Anton's two sisters live in Gothenburg, and we were able to visit there one summer! Gothenburg has a ton of attractions and things to do as well! Anton's sister, Frida, lives close to a lake where we paddled board, picnicked on the beach, and sun bathed. Gothenburg has great shopping, eating, and entertainment! Gothenburg has a famous amusement park as well!

I can't wait to get back to Sweden this summer. I want to make a Midsummer and Christmas one year! Sweden should 100% be on your travel list!

Fun Facts & Tips

Sweden is part of Scandinavia (Some people think Scandinavia is a county....go back to geography class peeps!)

Majority of Swedes speak English so I think this is a great place to visit, especially if it's your first time overseas!

Grona Lund is the name of the amusement park in Stockholm - coolest theme park I've been to

I have a few Swedish summer videos up on my YouTube channel so go check them out

I have a blog post on FIKA! Go read it to understand this sweet Swedish tradition

Swedish restaurants have heaters and blankets outside. Perfect for chilly nights

Typical Swedish summer weather is 70ish during the day and 60ish at night

Anton and I would love to be able to spend a month every year in Sweden

I love Anton's family.... I mean I really am so thankful I have the most amazing in laws

I hope I don't embarrass any of Anton's family in this blog LOL

If you have any questions, DM me!

XOXO, Britt

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