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It’s Brittney, Bachelorette 💍

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Hello Sunshines!

So this last weekend was my BACHELORETTE PARTY! It was seriously one of the greatest weekends every, and I can't wait to share my details with y'all!


I chose St Petersburg, Fla for my bach bash because of the beach, fun activities, and location. I wanted a place where most of my girls have not been because we enjoy exploring new places, plus I've been to St Pete's/Tampa before and they have a great beach, awesome nightlife, and so many unique places to eat/drink. Anton and I plan on moving down to the area once he finishes hockey, so I wanted my girls to see where they should hopefully be visiting me (VERY OFTEN).

We rented an Airbnb in St Pete's, which was only a mile from the beach, and it had a pool! The home had enough bedrooms and space for all six of us girls, and perfect fit for a group! I linked our Airbnb at the end!


So on Thursday, all of the girls arrived, and we decided to have a chill night in. We made chicken tacos and queso, turned on Netflix, played games, and put on face masks. We played the game Girls Night Out and Bundle.

Girls Night Out was a fun game where you have to collect 25 cards to win, and there were five different categories of cards (Truth or Dare, Rapid Fire, Most Likely, Never Have I Ever, and The Best One). Bundle was a custom made game for my bachelorette party. The creators of Bundle reached out to me via social media, and they send you a questionnaire to fill out about yourself and the people playing the game. Both of these games were so much fun to play, and I suggest you get both for your next party!

Friday, we woke up, ate breakfast, made lunch, packed the cooler, and headed to the beach. St Pete's Beach is on the gulf side so the beaches have white sand and pretty blue water. Our area of the beach was very calm and less crowded. We headed back to our house after a few hours and swam in our private pool.

I made reservations at Sake 23 in downtown St. Pete's because if you know me, I love to research areas and plan ahead. Sake 23 is an sushi restaurant, but they also have ramen and rice. We all agreed this place was hit because of the delicious food/drinks and modern atmosphere.

After dinner, we headed to Central Ave to hit up bars and clubs. Downtown St Pete has many options so just start on Central Ave and walk around. You will have about 20+ places to choose from within a mile. We went to Copper Shaker first and grabbed a big booth. We had a personal waiter while pre-gaming and jamming to music. This bar seemed pretty popular because it was busy at 9:30 PM.

Next, we walked down to 260 First. This one of many nightclubs in St Pete. It was Ladies Night so we were given a free glass of champagne. This club has couches/bottle service, but we knew dancing would be our main priority and we stayed on the dance the entire time until leaving.

Saturday, we woke up and headed to a themed pool party located at WTR Tampa. During the week, there is no entry fee and you can reserve chairs/couches/cabanas at a lower price. For the pool party, you have to pay to reserve an area for your party. The theme was Rose All Day, and featured the Deux Twins as the DJs. This was probably the highlight of the trip because of the music, food/drinks, and atmosphere. There were several bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc. The party was still going when we left around 5 PM.

For Saturday night, we went to M. Bird Cocktail Rooftop Bar and Lounge. I loved the décor of M. Bird. They serve small plates for food, so we ate the jerk chicken egg rolls. The cocktails are not only good but cute and festive. This place is fully outside with part of the bar having a roof over it, but they had fans to help with the heat. They had music playing as well.

After the cocktail bar, we went back home and had my lingerie party. We ate cake and enjoyed laughing about the gifts my girls gave me to surprise Anton with on our honeymoon. Later, we decided to have a night swim. We ordered pizza and heated up several dips. Sadly, we had to pack and clean up all the decorations.

Sunday, we headed to brunch. We hit up First Watch in Downtown Tampa, and they had a great breakfast/brunch spread. After brunch, we headed to the adorable Mandarin Heights Cocktail Bar for one last drink before leaving Tampa. This cocktail bar is connected to Bodega (Yummy Cuban Food). This bar has a great vibe with flamingos, umbrellas, bar seats, and even an empty bath tub.

Before leaving Tampa, we went to the famous Tampa Mural as well to snatch one last picture.

I love this tradition but realized not many people have seen this before until I posted it. My MOH had a Kiss the Miss Goodbye, and we all left kiss marks under our names 💋


Here I will detail every piece of outfit I wore for my Bach Bash! I asked the girls to pack black bathing suits then I bought the one piece Champagne Campaign suits, and one black outfit for a night out then a sequin/rose gold outfit for the other night out! My girls looked so fabulous in their outfits.

White Bikini - Amazon by Pink Queen

Cover up - Mura Boutique

Hat - Etsy by Lunika Designs

Tulle - Walmart

Pink Slides - Charlotte Russe

Romper - Xenia Boutique

White Heels - ASOS

Bride One Piece - Forever 21

Champagne Campaign One Pieces - Etsy by Strong New Sexy

Crop Top - Xenia Boutique

Stretchy Flares - Pretty Little Thing

Wife of the Party & the Party shirts - Old Navy then homemade print

Fun Tips & Facts

If all goes planned (ultimately all plans are in God's hands), Anton and I should be moved down to the Bay area by next spring/early summer

Tampa has electric scooters so you can scoot your way around downtown

A lot of my decorations/smaller things (like my veil) were all in my MisstoMrs subscription box! (blog and post coming soon)

Bachelorette is all about the BRIDE and what she wants to do - thankful my bachelorette party made sure I was happy and having fun

Tampa Mural is located at 1102 N Florida Ave Tampa, Fla

Other drink and food suggestions in St. Pete/Bay Area : Bodega, The Estate, One Night Stand, Parks & Rec, The Canopy, Intermezzo Coffee and Cocktails, Red Mesa Cantina, Shehards Tiki Bar, Mandarin Hide, IceBurg, Caddy's at the beach, and Taco Dirty.

I made a Bachelorette Weekend video on my YouTube - click the link to watch -

XOXO, Britt

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