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Our Engagement Pictures

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Hello Sunshines!

If you know me....well even if you don't know me you can probably tell I love pictures. Some people may take it as me being vain...or superficial but I love pictures because of the ability to capture a moment and keep it forever. You can ask my mom I look through old home videos and pictures very often. It's something I enjoy and it's a way I express myself!

So when it came to picking our wedding photographer, this was probably my most important choice....other than my groom ;) I came across Ashlyn Cathey Kasten on her Instagram several years ago. The way this photographer edited and captured BEAUTIFUL and simple moments was honestly surreal to me. I was blown away with her work, and I told myself "I have to have her for my wedding one day."

Well after Anton had proposed and we called family and friends, I messaged Ashlyn asking her for availability, wedding packages, etc. Once we found a date that worked for our personal schedules, our venue and Ashlyn, I've never written a check so fast HAHA I was SO excited I had secured my dream photographer. We immediately began to talk about engagement picture ideas. I told Ashlyn we were thinking of a more nature vibe in our pictures, and I told her about the outfits we had planned.

Ashlyn threw out the idea of taking our pictures at Max Patch. This is located almost on the state line of Tennessee and North Carolina (very close to Asheville). I looked up the location on Instagram and loved the view. We picked a day and time, and met this sweet girl there!

I decided to curl my own hair. Honestly, I wanted someone to do it for me but my friends convinced me I could do it myself LOL (thanks besties). I asked my wedding makeup artist in Georgia to help me find a makeup artist in Asheville, and she sent me several suggestions! So that's how I found Joanna at Powder Me Pretty. I met with Joanna several hours before our pictures at her bridal suite store that she shares with other vendors. Such a sweet, down to earth soul who made this process and my makeup perfect! If you're in NC, CHECK HER OUT!

Our photographer made the entire experience natural and fun. She brought snacks and made us feel so comfortable. Not mention HOW AMAZING OUR PICTURES TURNED OUT. I mean it's mainly Ashlyn making us look that good.....but somehow she blew my expectations. I was so excited to get these pictures back, and to frame and keep these for the rest of our lives. Seriously, please do yourself a favor and go follow Ashlyn Cathey Photography and Powder Me Pretty on Instagram. I'm so excited to see how Ashlyn captures our wedding day!

Fun Facts and Tips

White Dress: Vici Dolls Blush Dress: ASTR the Label

Makeup: Joanna @ Powder Me Pretty

Clog Heels: Lulus

I was barefoot majority of the photoshoot

Ashlyn brought a small pop up tent for me to change in :)

EAT BEFORE. Even if it's a small snack or a juice, do it because I felt hungry and a little light headed.

At the end as we were climbing back down in the dark, I slipped and got mud all over my bottom LOL

Be yourself. Don't force an image if it's not you.

I know photography can be expensive, but pictures are what last so do not cheat yourself out of a good photographer because you want to save.

XOXO, Britt

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