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How to Announce Your Engagement

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Hello Sunshines!

I've been named a ring selfie queen....which shows how obsessed I am with my ring. While that is very true, I also am a content creator for The Wedding Pic (wedding magazine and blog). Here are some ways you can be creative and announce your engagement!

First all, CONGRATULATIONS! This is a very exciting time of your life, and you should soak in all the happiness!

The most common way to announce an engagement is showing pictures of the actual proposal!

Letterboards are a fave of mine as well as flat lays. Throw in a cute caption and let your ring shine!

Don't have a letterboard? No problem! Here are some ring selfie ideas!

You can use other props such as shirts or coffee mugs!

Fun Facts and Tips

Be creative!

Some other caption ideas are : Mrs. so in so has a nice RING to it, Pop the champagne I'm changing my last name, Does this ring make me look engaged, Pop the bubbly I'm getting a hubby, and I have found the one whom my soul loves.

The owner of The Wedding Pic reached out to me to generate content for the magazine's blogs and social medias, which is a win win because I love to be creative with my wedding planning.

XOXO, Britt

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Announcing your engagement is a special moment that deserves the perfect strategy! This blog provides fantastic insights and tips to make your announcement as unforgettable as the engagement itself.

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