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How to Find Affordable, Stylish Bridesmaids Dresses

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Joy+Everette Photography

Hello Sunshines!

A frequently asked question is how and where can I find a stylish, but inexpensive dress for my bridesmaids? I’ve been in several weddings, and the bridesmaids’ dress cost over $150, which is totally reasonable. But for my wedding, I wanted to help my girls with finding a less expensive dress so more money could be put towards my bachelorette party (I like to travel) Google is your friend, but with that being said, I always check reviews to ensure my time is not being wasted. Also, searching non-stop on the web can get overwhelming so this blog is here to help you find where to look!

Joy+Everette Photography

I found my bridesmaids’ dresses from Lulu’s! The dress was only $70 AND my girls’ received a discount…..keep reading to find out the discount! I love the variety of color, style and price this website has to offer. To add to the already numerous positives of Lulu’s, they offer exclusive service for their VIB (Very Important BRIDES). First, I had one of my bridesmaids order the dress for me to see if I liked the color, style, shape, etc.

After I saw the dress on my bridesmaid, I immediately emailed to pre-order my others bridesmaids’ dresses. I gave the name of the dress, sizes needed, and quantity needed. Lulu’s will contact you when your dresses are ready and fully stocked, if they are not already in stock, then they give your bridesmaids two full weeks to order the dresses.

Your bridesmaids will call Lulu’s bridal phone number to order their dress over the phone, and Lulu’s will give your bridesmaids’ a 10% discount if they are new customers. They only need to give their email address. PLUS Lulu’s has free shipping deals throughout the year! So my bridesmaids’ were able to buy their dresses for under $70!

And…..if all of your bridesmaids purchase their dresses within the first week, you receive a $25 store credit! I can only say positive things about Lulu’s customer service. I highly suggest checking this website out for not only your bridesmaid dresses, but other wedding festivities outfits as well.

Here are some more stores that carry bridesmaids dress for under $100

Birdy Grey (@birdygrey) (@asos)

Saved By The Dress (@savedbythedress)

Misguided (

Here are some other shopping options for dresses under $200

Show Me Your Mumu (@showmeyourmumu)

Azazie (@iheartazazie)

Weddington Way (@weddingtonway)

JJ’s House (@jjshouseofficial)

Fun Fact & Tips

If you're a bride, it's nice to be mindful of the dress budget since bridesmaids usually have other expenses

If you're picking one dress for everyone, be mindful of how the style will fit everyone

Always check reviews of dresses & customer pictures

You can also choose to go into a store to try on a color or style

XOXO, Britt

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