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How To Manage Wedding Anxiety

Hello Sunshines!

Being engaged and planning a wedding is a very exciting time of a person’s life, but it can also trigger anxiety and overwhelming feelings. It is inevitable to feel anxious at some point during your wedding planning, and it is best to have a plan in place to remain calm and address your anxiety in a safe, healthy manner! If you allow your anxiety and stress to increase, this can affect your productivity with wedding planning and other areas of your life, and it can create a sense of unhappiness. We want you to enjoy this special time of your life, and be prepared to handle whatever comes your way! Here are some tips on keeping your wedding planning anxiety under control.

Hire A Wedding Planner

Professional wedding planners are becoming more and more popular because they are in charge of planning, which relieves a lot of stress for a bride! Your wedding planner should be a go to person for questions or tasks, and they should ultimately be the person offering support during your planning. You can give your wedding planner a to do list, and work together as a team to tackle all the wedding planning!

Even if you are unable to hire a professional wedding planner, it is recommended to find someone you can count on to help with planning your wedding. This person should be someone outside of your immediate family. For example, I have hired a co-worker/friend who enjoys planning weddings in her free time. We schedule to talk at least once a month, and we make to-do lists for each month on tasks where I need her help! This helps decrease my stress because I have extra support. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate tasks to others! For example, my mother has completed several tasks as well as my MOH!

Be Organized

Whether you have a wedding planner or not, you need to be organized for your wedding to manage your anxiety. You need to create a plan on prioritizing your wedding checklist, and this will help you feel more accomplished and organized. You should also create a list for smaller details, and whenever you think of these tasks, you need to add them to your checklist. Plan to look over your checklist every week, and when able to, knock those off one at a time. Create a note on your phone and add details on this because for me at least I will think of something while at work, shopping, working out, etc and I type it into my phone as a reminder!

Create a to do list for every month, and have deadlines for these tasks. This will help you decide when to complete each tasks rather than tackling everything at once. You may think “Oh I don’t need to do this because my wedding is so far away”, but it’s better to be prepared than late. At least two weeks before your wedding, you should have everything purchased and planned in order to feel more relaxed.

Learn to Be Flexible and Reasonable

It can be very hard to maintain finances during wedding planning because things quickly add up. It’s important to tell yourself at the beginning of this process “I will not have everything I want and it is OKAY!”. No matter the money or hired expertise, you have to learn how to be flexible and logical with wedding planning. Creating this expectation in the beginning will help feel less anxious if a certain plan does not work out.

You may have to go with Plan B on certain aspects of your wedding, and it is okay! It is very normal for second or third choices to be selected for different reasons. Your day will be wonderful without every first choice, and remember to focus on the importance of your wedding!

Have Designated Non-Planning Days

As much as it’s important to utilize your time, you must take breaks….even from wedding planning. You should have at least one day a week where you are not planning. This may seem extremely easy, but it can be very hard for a bride who is wanting her day to be perfect. You must prioritize your self-care, and this means planning out days to relax. Burnt out is applicable to wedding planning.

Other Self Care Tips

Eating healthy and exercising are easy, simple steps to managing your anxiety. Make sure to take time to be active whether in a gym or outside and create a consistent sleep schedule. Again, this may seem pointless, but studies show eating healthier, working out and having a better sleep schedule is important to manage stress and anxiety. You can control these parts of your life, and it’s best you take control of them!

Fun Fact & Tips

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Prioiritzing and Creating Monthly To Do List is a MUST

I'm less than three months away from my wedding!

It's completely normal to be anxious and stressed out about your wedding

Prioritizing and Creating Monthly To Do List is a MUST is my profession :)

XOXO, Britt

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