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How To Save Money On Your Wedding Planning

Hello Sunshines!

When it comes to planning a wedding, a bride can become easily stressed with finances and budgeting. You may find a vendor you love but can't exactly afford. Or if you're unable to hire a wedding planner you need someone to answer wedding planning questions! I'm here to tell you a way you can find discounts for wedding vendors and receive weekly wedding planning advice for an AFFORDABLE price!

As some of you may know, I work with the online magazine, The Wedding Pic, by creating content and writing blogs. The CEO of The Wedding Pic just recently launched a new project to help wedding vendors maximize their services while helping brides save money! This service is called Bride Price Card!

To use this service you must become a member, which only costs $29.99 FOR A YEAR! This means you receive discounts up to 25% from any of the wedding vendors on the Bride Price Card list, and you receive unlimited wedding planning advice from the CEO of The Wedding Pic. The wedding vendors list include photographers, wedding dress salons, videography, jewelry, stationary, makeup, event planning, alterations, suits, and more!!

To research more about this service, you can go to or head over to their Instagram @theweddingpic or @bridepricecard. If you are an interested vendor, you can email or direct message The Wedding Pic, and Yasmeen will gladly send over an application form and information. With this platform, you can reach more clientele and maximize your services!

Even if you decide this service is not for you, I highly suggest following this Instagram page. Not only will you receive wedding/event planning inspiration, but the page is dedicated to answering followers' questions weekly and spreading love daily through their feed!

Fun Facts & Tips

Yasmeen came across my Instagram after I posted about my engagement & I have loved every second of getting to know her! She truly wants to help brides with their weddings as well as followers with their relationships!

Anyone can become a vendor or member (there are vendors and members from Australia, Canada and Europe)

$29.99 a year to receive wedding planning advice & discounts on vendors is UNBEATABLE

You will receive updated emails on new vendors weekly!

XOXO, Britt

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