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How to: Wedding Registry

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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Hello Sunshines!

One question a bride may not think about until the very last minute is their wedding registries! If you have never registered for gifts before, this could be new territory for you. Some people wonder how many places should you register at? What are good sites to register on? How to register? And more!

Decide What Kind of Gifts You Want/Need First, you should decide what you and your partner need the most! Some people already live together so they may not need kitchen or bathroom gifts while others may not even have any basic home necessities! Couples who don’t already live on their own most likely will need all the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom gifts! Make sure to choose a registry based on your particular situation.

Consider Your Guests Location and Access to Your Registry Company You also have to keep in mind your guests and their locations. For example, if you have alot of guests from out of the country or state, they may not have the same stores or access. The positive of most places now is you can buy registry gifts directly from the registry website. This way it is shipped directly to the couple from the guest!

Choose Your Wedding Registry Gifts Online! Next step is deciding how to register! Some brides may find this to be a bit boring, but my fiancé and I have enjoyed compiling our wedding registry fully online from the comfort of our couch! Don’t get me wrong. I thought I’d want to be in stores scanning with a price gun, but we have been able to compare prices, styles, colors, etc and easily add or remove things from our computer. It is honestly the best way to go!

Register With More Than One Company! Finally, you have to decide where and how many places you and your fiancé want to register at! Couples normally register at 2-3 different places, and they may add on their shower and invitations certain gift cards are accepted! My fiancé and I have registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and we will be accepting cash and gift cards to Hobby Lobby or Lowes

Here are some tips for wedding registry!

Do not overlap your registry gifts

Don’t include wedding registry in your wedding invitations

Spread the word (by mouth, wedding website, shower invitations)

Pick a place that has in store buying (this can be more convenient for people who are not internet savy)

Check return policies before registering

Be mindful of prices

Give people plenty of gift options to choose from

Here is a list of great sites you can register for your wedding!


Bed, Bath & Beyond



Crate & Barrel

Pottery Barn



BluePrint Registry



Best Buy


Ethan Allen


Neiman Marcus



Home Depot

Honey Fund (Honey Moon website)

West Elm

The Little Market (Lauren Conrad’s Store)

Local Furniture/Décor Stores

Enjoy this fun, stress-free part of your wedding planning!

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XOXO, Britt

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